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Value 4: Integrity
I am having a bit of a hard time understanding how [LOVE 2022] is not a huge global event. What you are doing is so important!!  I really do believe that everyone would benefit from seeing what you are doing. There was this openness in the session that was not pushy or one-sided (which is sometimes the case when it comes to big topics like these). It was just so welcoming and gave space for healing and deeper understanding and curiosity. You don’t limit your audience with biases. Instead, you’ve created this incredible platform for growth!!
Attendee, LOVE 2022 (The 1st X Summit)
Wow... The art looks amazing! It looks so real. I love that [The X Gallery] brings "different" artists and art lovers together from around the world, inside the Metaverse.
Visitor, The X Gallery
I received this stunning print as one of a gift set of Ma-Nee Chacaby’s work. The painting itself is lovely and has layered meanings. The print colors are rich and beautiful; the quality of the paper is excellent. As a framed set, these prints look like they are part of a professional art exhibit. They make a wonderful gift!
Customer, The X Shop


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