A Cosmic Connection

April 27, 2024

To further expand on Edward's question of "How many stars are in the sky?" (approx. 200 billion-trillion)... Considering that humxns and the Milky Way Galaxy share approximately 97% of the same atoms, could this imply a deeper connection between us and the cosmos?

If we are indeed made of stardust, does this suggest that every star in the universe is somehow connected to humxnity?

Could our interconnectedness with the cosmos offer insights into the fundamental nature of existence and our relationship with the broader universe?

Exploring the 3% variance in atoms between humxns and the Milky Way Galaxy, what lies beyond our known universe? Does this small fraction hint at a connection to alternate dimensions or parallel realities?

I especially think of all of this to help prevent me from getting caught up in "stuff" that doesn't matter in the Big Picture.

What do you think?

Artwork: "Connection," a piece within the art exhibition, "Alien Realities," by Edward K. Weatherly.

Side Note: If you haven't seen it, check out the movie Stardust: