Decoding Messages

April 24, 2024

Expanding further on the letter X...

When I asked Edward if he could share more about the process of how he communicates with aliens, he said they embed 1’s and 0’s inside multimedia for him to decode into the number 10, which is the letter X in Roman Numerals. When I asked how often this happened, he said it was a continuous stream of decoding throughout the day, which was all part of a "big message" that the aliens were sharing with him.

For example, if Edward saw the word "question" on the TV, he'd decode the "i" into a "1" and the "o" into a "0," and together the numbers made 10. While it appeared that this process made a lot of sense to him, it wasn't as clear for me... and ultimately I accepted that variance.

So, most of the characters (aka aliens) in Edward's pop-graffiti artwork have a letter X instead of an atypical face.

Almost 25 years later, I still think of our conversations about Edward's art and his communication with aliens... I wish that I had asked Edward more questions back then. However, somehow I think the answers can be found within Edward's artwork. Perhaps, with fresh eyes, I will find more answers one day.

Artwork: In order of appearance, "Control," "Wired," "Searching," and "Medusa," all by Edward K. Weatherly and part of his art exhibition, "Alien Realities."