Portal of Goodness

April 15, 2024

Within my part of the world, a "portal of goodness" is an opening to a realm where people, places, and things are abundantly aligned. Alternatively, it could be described as something wondrous that occurs at the intersection of synchronicity and source energy.

Trying to describe a portal of goodness makes me think of one of the many profundities within the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu: "The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things." That is, a portal of goodness is hard to fully define... yet easy to identify and fun to experience.

Often, when Edward (my brother) and I would go for walks together, we'd find a portal of goodness, and it would always make us laugh or smile. I miss those days.

On one of our adventures many years ago when we were visiting Tkaronto, all of a sudden we noticed the pop-graffiti art that he'd painted on a backalley door years prior... I took a photo of him posed beside the door, a literal portal of goodness, emulating one of his alien characters.

Curious to learn more about what Edward meant when he told me he communicates with aliens, I asked him what they talked about. He said they were sharing a "big message" with him but that he didn't know exactly what it was yet.

Of course, I like to think that Edward's art is the "big message"... a portal of goodness for greater awareness, understanding, and connection with "different" people, places, and things.

What's a portal of goodness in your part of the world?