Revealing Journeys

April 9, 2024

As promised, today we start revealing Superstar X's new look. Over the next few weeks, we'll be showcasing the incredible design crafted by Tino Dihwa, transforming Superstar X to its next realm of time and space. For those who don't know, Tino's creative brilliance also shaped the branding for our first X Summit, LOVE 2022: An (un)Learning Summit for Truth & (re)Conciliation.  

In the interim, here's the backstory on how my path synchronously intersected with Tino's:

During the summer of '22, I walked almost every day to the Ashbridges Bay Park (Tkaronto, Treaty 13). One afternoon, some cardinals caught my attention. Cardinals hold special meaning for me and my brother, Edward. So, I followed their melodies to a mysterious arc-like structure nestled within the Park. I was captivated by the cardinals flying back and forth inside this structure.

After snapping out of my trance, I noticed a plaque nearby, revealing the structure's name: "Black Ark," created by Oluseye Ogunlesi (artist) and Toluwalase Rufai (architect), to explore Canada’s role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. After reading further, I was even more captivated by how the structure powerfully engaged viewers while conveying harsh truths.

Thereafter, each day I was at Ashbridges Bay Park, I stopped by the Black Ark and made time-space to reflect. Particularly, as a white individual, I thought about my unearned privileges and the systemic injustices embedded in confederation and present-day Canada. These harsh realities are part of what fuels Superstar X's existence to activate connection and eradicate oppression, for the betterment of all.

One day, while approaching the Black Ark, I saw Tino, a young Black individual, standing beside it. We started talking about the structure and its symbolism. Despite being strangers, our shared experience of the Black Ark quickly sparked real discussions, ranging from race and racism to the meaning of life and design. That fine day marked the start of Tino's creative visions for Superstar X, and something that I hope continues into the distant future.

Thank you Tino!

Thank you Oluseye and Toluwalase for the Black Ark!