You are a Superstar!

April 19, 2024

So, why the name Superstar X?

To provide context for the first part of our name, circa 1999, Edward (my brother) told me that his "voices" would often tell him, "you are a superstar, you are a superstar..." Although Edward's voices were evaluated as grandiose delusions attributed to symptoms of schizophrenia, regardless of the source, it was an awesome affirmation. Hence, as an ode to my brother and to celebrate the superstar in all of us, this word is part of our name.

Side note: Around that time, Love Inc.'s "You're a Superstar" was a hit, and we'd laugh and sing along whenever we heard it.

Curious to learn more, I asked Edward if he could explain the difference between his voices versus the thoughts in his head. He shared with me that it's like a TV broadcast that he hears, a message coming from another source but not audible to me, and it was obviously not his thoughts. This influence is also why there are many TVs that appear in Edward's artwork.

Another big influence of Edward's artwork is music. He was an accomplished pianist and loved to dance. Also back in 1999, during a teachers' convention in Edmonton, my mom and I "randomly" switched on the TV in our hotel room, only to find Edward dancing on the MuchMusic channel. Somehow, it didn't come as a surprise to us.

Now, almost 25 years later, I still have questions...

Could Edward's brilliant mind be attuned to frequencies beyond our grasp?

Who holds the authority (and why?) to discern between delusion and reality?

Do mainstream beliefs dictate what is considered real, dismissing others as mere delusions, such as faith in God?

The brain remains one of the universe's great mysteries. As I navigate this mystery, I strive to maintain an open mind (and heart), pursuing the path illuminated by my questions... in hopes of becoming more connected to myself, others, and the world around me.

Thank you for being here. 🌟